July 10, 2015
Kat’s Korner: Experiencing World Domination

World_Domination_SummitA few months back Brian (my other half) and I decided to participate in an amazing gathering of like minded people that were going to ascend on Portland for the 5th Annual World Domination Summit (WDS). No minions will be created d ...

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June 11, 2015
The Art of Letting Go!

There is an art to letting go. To allowing things to be. To know that you have a choice to do something different or stay doing the same thing. I was recently in Vegas at a conference and my fiance arranged for us to jump off the Stratosphere. Eight hundred fifty-five feet high and a deceleration of 45 mph. Whoa baby! As many of you know I am a little bit of an adventure junkie but this was definitely something that had me a wee bit nervous. I do only have 9 lives.

We sign in, prep in o ...

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May 11, 2015
Launching a New Website !!
We will be combining our website with our technology source that provides our e-learning programs. Keep your eye out for a new look and one place for all your personal and professional growth needs.

Gratitude Bytes

Potential is Realized!
There have been moments and people that have helped to shape my life over the years.  When I look back on my greatest growth moments, they are often preceeded by intense struggle and a significant am...Read More
Jessica D.
Phoenix, AZ
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